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If you have Publix grocery stores, when I called the closest one to me, the friendly woman I spoke with said that they carry local honey in the produce department but were out when I called. 

Yes, some of them didn't reopen. Oh well. One time when I was in Chattanooga, Sylvia sent me to Greenlife which has been Whole Foods for a long time. When I got there, I called her and asked her about that. She has been going there for such a long time, I guess she gets the names mixed up. 

Margaret, I noticed that a lot of them are permanently closed.   Too bad.   

I'm sorry to hear that, Larryt. They closed down most of their stores a couple of years ago but reopened some of them about a year ago. I was glad that they rehired TJ when they reopened. I think he said that Whole Foods came to Greenville over 20 years ago hoping to put them out of business. Whole Foods is NOT what put some of the stores out of business. I'm just glad that the one where TJ works is still in business. There are other stores, but I prefer Earth Fare and am thankful that I have it.

Margaret, I just learned that Earth Fare is a health food store located throughout the Carolinas.   None in my area.

The man my sons & I used to buy honey from isn't offering it any more. Another man, they got it from with their father, died a while ago. So I got some from Pickens from Earth Fare. TJ wasn't there, but the other friendly people who waited on me were helpful. BTW, the Earth Fare on Pelham Road is out, thanks to you-know-who.

I stopped eating sugar years ago and use only local honey. Raw is preferable.  And yes, once you start eating honey daily, you'll find outdoor allergies are very much reduced. Honey should cost a million dollars for all the bees needed to produce enough to bottle.  And all the flowers needed to provide.... honey is an amazing thing.

I use local honey in my coffee in lieu of sugar.   Tastes great and if it helps my allergies, all the better.   My local supplier lost his bees to some kind of virus, so I'm currently looking for a new source.

Congrats, MM!!

New game.

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