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Game #5760, Generated on December 19, 2021

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We have to put power onto the grid as well. 

Strangely, the neighbor behind us has both solar panels AND a windmill generator. He must have gotten them "free" from the State, bc you have to put that power into the grid. Therefore, when the power goes out, he is without also with all that equipment on his roof and in his yard. My guess is he went out and got some storage batteries this year so he could keep some back up power.   --- We should complain, right? It gets that cold 2 or 3 days a year MAYBE. Snows an in. or 2 every 10 years. Folks in the northern climes have to dig out of their homes.   3 days of cold and burst pipes vs. 2 wks w/no power in the TX summer after a hurricane when its 150% humidity.  There are only so many clothes you can take off w/o getting arrested.

Merry Christmas/happy holidays all. 

Oh rigged2 that’s awful. We bought a solar battery recently. Last night there was a power outage here and we were the only house in the street with lights and power points working. You just wouldn’t think in almost 2022 there would still be power outages. 

Di and Magic Margaret, We are not EVEN talking about cold weather here in Texas after last Valentine's Day. 3 days w/o power, heat, or water and not a stick of firewood or a duraflame log to be found anywhere. The perils of an all electric house. First time I had been in an all electric house when that happened. 

Obviously, I'm doing something different, since I got higher moves doing so. Oh well. Congrats, Larryt!

Thanks, Ruby, that was good catch.

Yay, Larryt!

Yes, Ruby, I had a bunch of switching.   Gotta check out that 10 non-move.

I used the J first, also.  Hearts up to the J at the end with a lot of switching. Works best if you don't bring the 10 down on the J.

I’ll give it a try, Larry. Thanks! 

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Scores and rankings

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