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Game #561, Generated on December 18, 2007

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And Tammie I'll gladly pray for dry roads and a safe trip.

Well a newcomer has broken in on the scene with style. Welcome to Solitaire Craving Tania.

carol, why be mad? My husband will be doing the driving in the snow!!!

Enjoy the holidays - and if you are mad - enjoy the snow also!!

I lived there for 12 years fizzbut and believe it or not, we were borderline like Dayton and Columbus. You either get a lot or you get ice! So yep, I'm hopin!! You can all pray for me if you like!!?? LOL
I knew I needed 9 but I was having a hard time making it work. I'll try for awhile and then maybe in the morning. It must have been cold working today??

Sorry Tammie, but I also beat your moves. I just couldn't stand to let that one move get by me.
Oh my 9 clue was bad. I did it with the 9 first.

Tammie, your headed up to northern "snow belt" Ohio in the middle of winter and are hoping you won't see but a few flakes on Christmas? You don't hope for much do you? Columbus, Dayton sure but Tiffin? Shall we all join you in a round of "High Hopes"?

Sweet 16! Tell her we here at Solitaire wish her a very happy birthday!

Thanks for the road info JBAMA! I'm hoping the weather will be good for us driving up and back. My daughter wants to see snow so maybe a few flakes on Christmas eve and day but that's it!! She'll be 16 on the 27th and it's easier at that age than when you get to be my age. strawb, I made the going back to bed comment clear at the top! And Christina, you don't need any "special" eggnog! Stick with the plain! oceanstar was much more polite to horseshy than the rest of us!! Oh welllllll

Here in VA the wind has stopped blowing and we are dry! You won't have any trouble on the roads here Tammie!

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