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I have been an attorney in Wheaton, Illinois for almost 30 years and remember reading and hearing about Sallyforth's family's legal case. I worked for a firm in my younger days (Peregrine & Stime) that was almost as old as the Rathje Woodward firm. Most folks think personal injury attorneys are all greedy ambulance chasers-until you something happens to you or your family or you hear the "rest of the story". Thank you for sharing what were/are surely some painful memories. 

SallyForth I've never forgotten about the dreadful accident which happened to your dad.
In a moment everything can be thrown onto another path.

Thank you for sharing your story, Sallyforth! Isn't it great that one comment, or “Now That I'm Older” can start a conversation with people from so many places! Di, please come back! Maybe we can get back to friendly conversations.

We were sort of poor when i was 6 thru 12 then my dad's lawsuit was finally settled which started in 1957 he dove off a diving board when i was 4 the diving board did not state how deep the water was he made the mistake of assuming the water must be deep enough to dive so he did he hit his head on the bottom of the pool breaking his neck which made him a quad we find out later the sign do not dive was hidden in a bunch of bushes seems the place had a problem men were diving off the board weekly and died from their injuries my father was in such great physical shape didn't tho they kept waiting for him to die so they would not have to pay much in settlement my father's attorney was Al Woodard in Wheaton IL his son Bob Woodward im sure u will recognize his name from ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN year after year the defense kept postponing still waiting for my dad to die so from 1957 until 1965 we were cashless a few years earlier my mom realized she had to get a job up until then she went to the hospital daily to be with our father the hospitals that dad traveled about were not able to repair the damage and his bedsore where just atrocious so home he came On the last day for court the judge asks the defense if they were ready to settle they said NO we need another continuance and the Judge said if u  haven't figure out Mr Rogers is not going to die on your schedule u best come up with another plane  Mr Woodward had a slew of pictures of the the signs from the  pool place covered in the bushes the Judge suggested that defense take the next 8 mins to tender their settlement and if they could not agree he  had one already so the 8 mins go by and the Judge asks to see their offer of settlement  they didn't have one the hospital bills alone from 1957 to 1963 where over 300K and this included all the surgeries so the Judge said to Mr Woodward and my mom this court finds in favour of the plaintiff and awards...i was stunned to find out the award included amounts for the children and my mom of course and not much for my dad we were blessed he never needed to go back to the hospital for who was going to insure him? my mother and i took care of him until the day he died she continued to wait tables she said it got her out of the house and she was the only waitress that drove a Lincoln Cont Convertible she bought the rag top so we could lower dad into the car with his hoist and to bring his back to avocado appliances and carpet my mom bought the Copper appliances when the house was redone

I played them as they  came, Maggie.  But there are  a lot of switches to finish.

Anything else, Larryt? G'night.

Thanks, Larry!  Was wasting a lot of time looking for the 6.

My hint for the night.        I can guarantee that the 6 is not first. 

Well, the avocado carpet matched the avocado kitchen appliances! Yes, that was the 70's.  I don’t think we had carpet when I was growing up, or TV, at least until I was in high school!

Ruby, avacado green?   The one shag carpet we had (Lubbock, Tx in 1977-79) was orange.   I wonder who got paid to come up with those colors.   They should give the money back.

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