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Game #5495, Generated on March 27, 2021

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OK, I know about the red kings and I'm using 10 first because I can't make 10 work at all.   And I've found that either red nine gets the same number of moves.   So what am I doing wrong.

Di, I found that if I intend to copy and paste, I need to paste to the clipboard icon (paste text), then hit post.  

Hi Every 1 -- I finished this 1 with 103 moves.
I agree with Rich -- King H & King D to start.
                              Knit 01

Sorry about below. All I did was post a smilie face from above. 

I’ve often wondered that same thing, Larry. Hi everyone. Go, Rich!! [img]data[smile]sick[/smile]mage/png;base64,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[/img]

Both red kings first.

there maybe one path thru

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