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Game #542, Generated on November 30, 2007

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I've used a little different slogan then luigi. At work I tell my customers that I may not be good but at least I'm slow.
I've also experienced slow play the last few days, brightkis. What I'm experiencing is I double click a card or drag a card over and it doesn't move for about 2 or 3 seconds. Plays havoc on my times. but at least I'm slow.

I have also been having problmes with slow sticky cards.
Glad to see that at least fab and luigi are still talking to us.

Glad to hear you are a satisfied customer.....with issues wink lol I get those problems intermittently too. I don't know why it happens. Someone here told me that if you sometimes move the cards up manually and also double click them up in the same will cause some to stick.

COMPLAINT - COMPLAINT!! sad I don't know about everyone else, but for the last three days I've been fighting the 'Sticky Cards' demon. They won't play up by double clicking, and I have to try 3-4 times before I can move them manually. They come off the deck ok - but moving them, or trying to double-click is just aggravating. AAM - where are you? Maybe the servers need some tweaking? Oh - also, it takes F - O - R - E - V - E - R for the game to play up all the cards when you're done. And then, sometimes it doesn't post. Other than that . . . . . ., no complaints. smile

Amen luigi!! Hey donna, sorry I just now saw your comment. I followed Jaqueline's comments and then just got lucky!!! The comments on the board are all pretty good! What can I say????!! LOL Talk to you tomorrow!

Thanks Marcsi. Those were mostly things I was doing.. and I still get a bad score. I am missing some step that must be very easy but I am just not seeing it. I will try again tomorrow smile

We will be good at being bad lol! smile

Ladies i see you have been having fun ,some people have to work for their living
as for the conversation above if you cant be good be bad

Thanks for nice wishes donnamusica smile following Jacqueline's hints move 5c to 6 and don't cover 5, bring down K to the first and K to the second emty space may lower the moves smile Sorry I'm not on the top with my Enlish sad Good night for the ones on this part of the World smile smile

Hi folks - I missed the conversation today - It's 1 AM here and I've had just the time to understand today's game tongue ... need to sleep, so..... have a perfect morning/afternoon/evening/night!

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