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Game #537, Generated on November 25, 2007

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donnamusica, I wish I had noticed your J clue, it would have saved me a lot of effort!

Its ok fizzbut!! You get the same clue as I do and can do great miracles with amazes me!! I wish my mind worked that way!!! smile

You're right donna, I totally missed that. Sorry.

It wasn't secret...cause above I had said I used Js...mind you a clue from you has a lot more weight behind it smile!!! It didn't work for me the way it did for you I think..and I didn't realize it was your secret clue! It did get me down to 131 but not as low as you...but that isn't news lol!

You always give us great clues fizzbut!! And yes you often leave some at the end that we don't find til we try the puzzles again..and that is very handy..strawb is right!

Well I was surprised when my 1:12 lasted all day yesterday. Darn impossible puzzles. lol.
Anyway glad you guys could use the clues. Only strawb you gave away the "secret clue." smile

Oh I am glad I came back to try this puzzle again. That was sweet of you fab to leave that comment!! I should not have been so oversensitive anyway.. it isn't like me..don't know what is wrong with me this week..please don't worry! And you were right...the 8 was a bad clue when I used it with the wrong jack. I tried it again several times and it only worked with the first red

sure strawb! what has been very useful for me is "no need to move 5" wink thanx fizzbut!

lol! yes fab, it does sometimes prove rewarding to go back to previous games. Especially when fizzbut has left such good clues behind at the last minute!

Donnamusica, I am the responsible for the "misleading". (Sorry, I wanted to post a comment about that, but I was using a 56K modem while staying in a small village without broadband: I had to unexpectedly disconnect.) It was because of the first sentence you wrote about using 8. I stopped reading the post, which actually contains many good clues, for testing 8 before 8. Overall, I think your post does not deserve the "misleading", although I am convinced 8 before 8 is much more effective. Thus, please accept my apologies for the too quick rating.

Ha! got it. J first.

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