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They’re both bantam hens and are as cute as buttons, Larry. Their eggs are so tiny, it takes ten to make scrambled eggs for two. 
I’m so glad your boarder is working out well, Lynne. 

LarryT, you don't need a rooster for a hen to lay eggs.  You need a rooster if you want more chickens.  But eating eggs?  Leave the rooster out.  They can be jerks.  LOL

Hello all! I am home with my sweet dog Izabella, a parakeet and a cockatiel - both birds original in Australia. I also have a house guest. I supervise student teachers and two weeks ago, before there were any restrictions, one of my student teachers was asked to leave the place she was renting because of the virus. She comes from California and since the schools were still open and she was in the middle of her semester, she needed a place to live. I have a room upstairs in my home that is a "guest" room and a full bath and so I told her she could come here. So, here I am with a very sweet girl. She is Chinese and has been cooking some things for us both so we had meatloaf I made and fried rice and dumplings she made. She mostly hangs out in the living room and I am in my den but we talk often and cook and eat together. Izabella loves people and she loves my dog, so it all works out well. I put a rainbow in my front window this morning and wrote on it, "We have hope." NYC has hope and with hope there is no life.

Di, you are educating me.   I learned that a budgerigars is know as a parakeet here in the States.   See, you are never too old to learn.   But I'm wondering about the chickens.   Do you have a hen and a rooster?    Are they for eggs or future dinner?

Yes, I wish our schools were closed. I’m at home with our dog, daughters cat, two chickens & two budgerigars, so lots of company. 

New York State is pretty much shut down. Only “essential” businesses open and schools are all closed.. I’ve been in my apartment, with my blind, deaf dog for company, just for a week. Seems like a lot longer, but no complaints. I have lots of food and my two adult kids are nearby.

I am, Ruby. Schools are still open, so I worry about my husband whose a senior high maths teacher. Restaurants, bars and all other non-essential services are closed. How are things where you live?

Hi, Di. How are you surviving the pandemic in your country? Are you confined to home?

Hi Rich, and Ruby. Hi everyone smile

Thanks, Rich.  5 first.

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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