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Game #4771, Generated on March 28, 2019

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That's quite all right, Robin!  I had given up and closed down Safari only to open it back up and give it another go!  I think, in some cases, getting 105 involved playing over as many face cards as 104 so I really don't get it.  sad  But my hands hurt too much to try it again!  Had enough of this game although it was pretty interesting.  In general, I find that if the last card you play goes over or up, you get one point less -- as opposed to ending with bringing a card down. Sometimes you have to play cards differently in order to make that happen. Brian told us that.  Thanks for your clues and your explanation. smile  Have a good day !

The  idea with how this game scores is to play over the least amount of face cards in this situation. I tried playing over the Q with the J one time and got higher score. And yes, there were a number of combinations to try. I just kept playing with it. I know what you mean by game fatigue. I finally figured playing over the 9 and playing over the 8 and bringing it back down. I was surprised that the  (game) let me get away with that without penalizing me. Go figure ...  Sometimes the game scores lower where you need to play over  or up a nine and other times you score higher for doing so. Also in the end I did my best to not play over face cards and tried to bring them down as much as possible. Well ... I hope that helps some. Sorry, I did not stick around.  I retired for the night when I did not see any more entries.

O.K., Robin !  I finally got it.  But what in the world is the rationale for how you end up playing the different face cards at the end?  I used the Q first, but then just tried every conceivable combination until I hit on the right one.  ?????

Sorry gang, I meant 10 

Thanks, Robin. Nasty game. Kudos!

And which red Queen are you using first?

Thanks for the other clues ! smile

So Robin, what are you doing with the red 10s and the face cards at the end?  I've tried all of the combinations but just can't play anymore.

Goodnight friends,I have to get me some shuteye.

Good clues, I managed to find my way there, sort of. I'll keep looking for KOH's trail...

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