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Thank you for the Jameses Susan. smile I miss James (Harleyman) as well. I used to chat more on the old board, but a lot of you are in very different time zones to me. I'm GMT. At the moment the new games start at just after midnight here. Sometimes I have a few quick goes then, but I'm usually getting ready for bed then. Otherwise I'm playing at any times between 9 hours and 23 hours later. Its 1.30pm here and I'm reading comments mostly made between 12.45-3.30am. Maybe on the old board the games used to renew an hour or two earlier?

Yes, James, (Harleyman) was a lovely person. I miss him too. Susan, (57 Feral Cats) is our main support. She helps us with patience and kindness. When we can, there is a small group of us, who give clues, (Jameses). 
I’m not too sure about, Tcutt, but Layla is a top player who doesn’t really get involved with the SC community. That’s her righ ... but ...
I have been playing since 2004, I think. I’m not one of the greats, but I love the game and the occasional chat. 

Layla has been playing on this site for years and her time playing on the old Solitaire Craving website goes back even further.  Tcutt's a completely separate issue.

Consistently low scores with repetitive one minute times together with Tnutt's curious cheerleading, all make it easy to conclude that Layla is a bot. I have questions. I doubt that I'm alone. 

Thanks, Susan. 

O.K., finally figured out what to do for low score -- not with any help at all from Brian.  You know, Layla would leave clues for us from time to time.  Brian doesn't leave clues at all   : (  so I don't know why anyone wants to gang up exclusively on Layla.  Anyway, she was the best player we had !!  And, funny thing, looking back in the Archives, Brian used to leave lots of clues so I don't know why he doesn't want to help us out now.  : (  And, no, Layla is not a bot -- just a good player. ~~ Anyway, back to the game -- 10 first.  Don't cover the 6 so that it will play up.  Use the 3 for the 2.


I do, too, Mary. James would scream at the silence that's infected this site. I miss that the most.

Any hints on breaking 100? Hmmmm smile

I miss Harleyman he was the greatest!

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Scores and rankings

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