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Game #4541, Generated on August 15, 2018

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There are a number of generous players on this site. I am grateful for all their time and insight. Then there are, well, the others.

Thanks, Veronicarose. I understand. I've posted a low score and then could not repeat. And as you said, trying to articulate every nuance to explain saving a move or two is tedious. But repeatedly scoring 10 moves lower than anyone and withholding comment is, in my opinion, rude.

LarryJ - I'm third at the moment today and happy sharing clues because I'm not likely to get any higher. If I were a point or two away from the lowest score today, rather than 14 points, I wouldn't leave these clues today because I'd be trying to get the lowest score myself, which is my goal when I play, even though, as you say, there is no cash involved! I've only managed it twice, both in the past week.

I am always be wiiling to leave clues in order to help people finish the game, or say which is the better of several alternative choices, as Donna and others kindly do nearly every day. Due to time zones, I'm one of the later ones to play each day so those clues have usually already been given. That is very different to you expecting someone to give you every twist and turn that they have worked out, which certainly takes more than 'a minute to share' even if they can remeber exactly what they did. 

For 120 I did J first, K K then K. Like Susan says, you need to have the spades stacked up top to 8 ready to switch the 9 with the 9 near the end. However a lot of the lower spades can be played straight across - you don't need to bring them down.

Took forever to figure this one out!

Sorry. Meant to say: Why NOT take a minute to share?

If skilled players find a path to low score that others have missed, why take a minute to share? What's the problem with that? There's no cash prize for low score. Is there? 

Why are players criticized for not playing they way you think they should. Perhaps if you played your own game and let others play the game the way they like there would be peace on earth. In other words mind your own bees wax. I believed I noticed players not come back after being called out for not leaving a clue. 

K first =105 moves.

Thanks, Donna, Susan. Twisted game.

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