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Game #410, Generated on July 26, 2007

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Well now I have gone from 991 to 37 which puts me ahead of SuzyQ and Tammy, among others which is just impossible.My scores are not better than theirs. I guess it is not easy to figure out a ranking system.

I've gotta second Dee's comment....I started playing a few months ago and went back and played all of the old games in order to catch up....I'm not convinced that its fair to put more weight on the more recent games either

Dee, the more games there are in the archieve the harder it is for newcomers to go back and play all of them. What happened in Mahjong for the last several weeks I've been playing Solitaire a lot and not paying that much attention to Mahjong yet I was still getting farther ahead because some of the other leaders stopped playing. With the new rankings I dropped to 10th. With the old I could cruise, with the new I have to stay on my toes. I think there should be some credit for having played the older games so it's not weighted in favor of newcomers.

Uck!...on the new rating system! I don't think it's fair to focus on the new players for a "better ranking." I have gone back to game one and come forward more than once to "better my ranking" and I feel that new players have the same opportunity. There I said doe's everyone else feel? I missing something?

i play from work so most of my times are really long and it makes me have a bad score in the end. so i went from 965 to 116. not complaining but thiers somthingwrong. it's alomst like the ranks are from best(1029) to worst (1)

fizzbut: Travis brought my attention to a bug in the ranking system which has now been fixed.

You raise a good point Dragonchilde. I'm trying to make a ranking system that is fair to newcomers, fair to devoted players and minimizes the server load. I will have a think about your situation to see if I can come up with a better solution.

i definitely went from mid 200's to liek 70 something. weirdd

well, it's kind of strange that in the last few days I've dropped from 1st place to 23rd, but I guess if you're only counting the last month of games and all my best scores are in the first 300-ish games then it sorta makes sense :/

It seems there must be a bug in the system if people are dropping 900 points in the rankings. With only near 100 people playing each day even if you rank last for each of the last 30 days the most you would drop is around 100. Unless there really are 900 people playing over the 30 days but only 100 of them play on any given day.
For me I shot up over 200 points to currently 11th so keep up the good work Adam. heh heh smile
The problem I have with averaging out the older games is if you've improved, you have to go back and play all those games better to improve that average whereas a newcomer may be better off not playing them at all. So now having played the older games could work against those players.

When I have the new ranking system working perfectly I will be writing up a detailed explanation. Until then, let me know if you see anything strange with your rank.

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