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Game #407, Generated on July 23, 2007

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Emm's 3 "trick" was key for 135. Marcsi clue is needed too but must be coupled with Emm's because the 5 must be played up first in order for it to work and that 3 move to play the 4 makes that work. Those are such good clues I'm suprised more people aren't down to 135.

There are plenty of people who have contributed to the Crave-a-thon but haven't contacted me with their username. Be sure to send an email to with your username.

Both of you were of help to me too!! Got my moves down by one!! yahooooooooooo!!! smile

Glad to be of some help Marcsi !

......finally could lower my moves when not bringing down 7 and 9 .

Emm, seems I managed the same moves as you did! I am very proud, cause I could always hardly get close to your result smile thanks again!

Emm, thanks for all your hints, could really lower my moves !

One more thing, I didn't move any black kings until red king showed from the 6th row.

Getting to 135 was kind of twisty, trying to explain it gets just as twisty but try this little trick- I moved the 5 to 6 so I could get the 2 up, then I played the 4 down on 5 and the 3 on top of that. Move the J off the 5 and play the 4 on top of that so when the 3 shows you can move the 3 over and free the 4.

Wait for the K to show and move that into the first empty space before you start moving black kings around.

and if you get these instructions, you are a genius! smile

Thanks for the hints Tammie and pancra. smile K and J were key...but I found both 5s went up naturally; keeping them down didn't help me. But maybe I made some other move that was different and not right.

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