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Game #401, Generated on July 17, 2007

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hard, hard puzzle even with all the lovely clues for those of us that are clueless!

I can relate, Jeffrey. That seems to happen to me quite often.

Just leave the 3 alone and it's not that hard.

OMG! That was hard; I couldn't have done without the tips and too much free time (I'm a teacher and off for the summer)

I don't even have to go on a long drive to Ohio to get dead brain cells. LOL!! I didn't even realize I had low moves on that one til I read what you wrote!! I saw I was last in time..and was so brain sore from that puzzle...that I just got outta Dodge as fast as I could!! lol Can't believe it!! I still prefer an easier puzzle!!! smile

Jeffrey that happens to me so often lol!!

i beat it w/o any hints on my second try, i went for a third for an improved score only now I've done it another 5 times and can't remeber what on earth i did to finish in the first place =p

It's 2:20Pm EDST, but I finally did it!! Thanks to Dilip, and Emm! That little trade secret really helped me Emm!! I went to Ohio for the weekend and came back with dead brain cells! That long drive does it every time!! Have a good day everybody. P.S. Donna, I beat you in time, but you got me on moves!

Eureka!!!! I am in last place and I don't care. I finished it!!!!!! Thank you emm...the 3 clubs was the final thing that got me able to finish it. Though it took me 3 more tries after I got it when logged off lol!!! I hope I never see this puzzle again...I don't care about fewer moves or higher speeds today!!! I have a feeling it might pop up in a few nightmares though LOL!!! tongue

PS I agree with the painful brain comment lol!!

Samanthuhhh, Adam who creates this wonderful puzzle, is in Australia, so we are always on Oz time! smile

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