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Brian, ALSO, as to your explanation on the "short" version and which cards get counted and which don't -- pray tell, how in the world did you come up with that information??!!  I'm used to playing Solitaire where a move is a move and wouldn't have begun to contemplate the possibility of what you explained !! I copied and pasted it to keep for reference in the future.  Maybe it accounts for those times when I was one move off and just couldn't figure out where the extra move was. I wanted to post this last night but, again, I was Forbidden.  Hope you see this post and the next one !  I probably won't play here as often because I get barred from the site before I can even play the game enough to start getting my score down.  Thanks for all of the information !!! wink

Brian, I wanted to post the following on yesterday's game (or the one before) but I got "Forbidden" from the game completely.  I had posted a comment complaining about the lack of clues from those with low score.

Yes, Brian!  I know that you leave clues for us. wink  Forgot about the "Forbidden" thing.  At least on the old site when you get "Forbidden", you can still leave clues if you shorten what you write and, it may get to the point that you have to leave short clues but without the symbols.  I should've thought of that, Brian, because, after I've refreshed this game X number of times, I get "Forbidden" from entering the site completely.  Sorry, Brian!  Didn't mean to cast a shadow on you! smile Brian does leave clues for us !! smile

That's a possibility, Brian. The only other explanation i can think of is that you're just a better player. Thanks for offering an alternative. smile

Well that might explain why my clues don't seem to do you much good LarryJ. We're playing two different games. You're probably bringing cards up,when you should be playing them down.

Happy weekend everyone!

In addition, use 5 to move 4

Brian, thanks for the post. I've had discussions with other players about some browsers, like Safari, giving more favorable results. The full/short browsers is news to me.  I play on a variety of devices, usually with Chrome or Microsoft Explorer. Except for the isolated incident where the counter stuck, every move is recorded. But now I have one more thing to think about. Thanks for that. LOL

You must have the short version LarryJ. The difference is in the browser. The object of the short version is to leave as many 10s down on the field as possible. Play the 9s either across or down,not up. The counter automatically brings up the 2 thru 8s but leaves the 9s down uncounted resulting in up to a 20 move difference in your score.

The best I can do on the full version is 111,so if you're getting 108 on the full version,then I'll need some clues from you,

Does your automatic counter stop at the 9s like mine,or does it count up through the kings?

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