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Game #390, Generated on July 6, 2007

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Glad the bbq was a success..enjoy dinner!! Your saying that I brighten your day, brightens my day.. smile

Well, I'M gonna go eat dinner! smile I just realized I had no lunch and it's been a long time since breakfast!!!

argh Jabba smile, I thought I had gotten to the bottom of this one, now I check back to see we can lower, what are we gonna do SuzyQ?

thanks, jabba, for the hints, but unfortunately they didn't give me any extra help. I've obviously missed some other important move(s).

donnamusica, you're welcome, and like I said already: your comments brighten my day.

Omigosh! I return AND jabba's got 3 more off emm's moves. Will it be "jabba the untouchable" or not??? Only time will tell. My 4th of July BBQ and get-together was great, oceanstar2. It was actually my most enjoyable one since we started having them. REALLY relaxing despite it being the hottest day so far this year. I paced myself and had a very little bit of most of the various foods throughout the day, so I never felt stuffed or like I had overeaten. Just some tastes of almost everything -- at least until the finale: homemade blackberry cobbler!!! YUM! YUM!

jabba, I'll have to check which kings I left in the deck by playing yet one more (or a few smile times). Maybe I left the wrong ones!?!

donnamusica, You're welcome, and like I said already: your comments sure brighten my day!

OOOOPS I meant to say Al Gore lol!

Hey SuzyQ!! I got my moves down by 6 so thank you!! But my time went up off the do you do all that clicking so fast?? Isn't arggggggghhhh the best word ever??? lol Thanks to you too Jabba!
Oceanstar2...perhaps we should contact all Gore and promise not to play Live Earth?? lol Now I am being silly wink (she says as if she were normally very proper lol)

That's a promise, donnamusica, no duets for us!smile We gotta start somewhere to save the environment, and noise pollution is a good place to begin, lol.
Thanks for the hints, they helped, now I need to get my moves lower and time faster. Yeah right, dream on! How was your cookout SuzyQ ?

While waiting for emm's thoughts, this is my hint for lower moves: on the second turn of the dog pile, I didn't have to lower K and K as they "naturally" went in the home piles... smile

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The numbers indicates quantity of user takes this achievements!...

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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