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Yeah you have a point there. Oh well, it was just a thought smile

I'm sure it could be done donna. I wouldn't know how to do it but then that's no suprise computerwise. lol. The trouble with playing other people I found is you have to wait for someone else to be on line at the same time. I don't know it would be as much fun as playing with real cards because it trying to slap the card down before the other one does that's half the fun.

Now that is a solitaire addict. Dilip represents us all...on vacation and he needs the dentist...does he get pain relief?? NOOO He plays solitaire!!! LOL I love it! Glad you are having such fun Dilip. We miss you here! Fizzbut, do you think it would be playable on line? Double solitaire I mean? I am just curious lol

Hey, Dilip, glad to have you back for a game -- especially since you only managed to match all of our lowest moves and not go one (or more) lower!!! smile I've also heard about how friendly and polite the Thai people are, and would LOVE to be able to vacation there, too. We have a lot of Thai people in my area and also a lot of restaurants. I ate at one 20some years ago and then no more until about 2 months ago, when I went to one and loved it so much I had to go to a different one 2 weeks later!!! The food at both was delicious and I can't wait to go back to both again. Don't know if my aging body will allow me to actually GO to Thailand If I can ever afford it.

Double solitaire is played with 2 decks. When you get stuck your count how many card have been played on the center by seperating the decks. (Different decks is a must) The most cards wins. You want a really wild game. Try it with about 8 people. We called it "Whoopee". When you get rid of all your cards you shout Whoopee! Trust me it's a game for young nimble bodies. smile

Dilip Gurung, playing soitaire at a Dentist Clinic while on vacation in Thailand. Now there's something you don't hear everyday. smile Hope you're enjoying yourselves.

Is that a two player game? The only information I can find is about two players against each other.

Hi guys, good to see you all fans, I missed you and the game, today got the chance of playing the game here a the Dentist Clinic. I'm in Bangkok(Thailand) with my beautiful wife enjyoying our vaccation, though it's a bit hot and humid but better than Abu dhabi. You'll forget the hit and the humid with the smile and polite of the Thai people, they are such a nice people, this is our second trip.

I can't remember if there are two decks. I was hoping someone else would remember more details lol!! I had some friends who were masters of it.. I will try writing to one of them to see what she can remember. I think that it is the kind of game that would work well online playing with a partner...if someone remembered how to set it up LOL!! AAM????

donnamusica: Gosh, I never would have remembered it on my own, but "double solitaire" sounds SO familiar. I sure don't remember how to play, though. Do you use two decks and play on any of the 8 aces? or something else?

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