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Game #3520, Generated on November 5, 2015

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Hi Everyone -- I finally finished this 1 with 136 moves.  Knit 01  smile

I'm no IT expert, but isn't Safari the operating for a Mac (and all Apple products) and Windows the (Microsoft) operating system for a  PC? They are two totally different operating systems. You either have Safari or Windows. One computer cannot have both. Someone?? Anyone??

When I typed in free download of the latest version of Safari for Windows 10, it is what I now have.

Suzan, to tell you the truth, I don't know what version of Safari I'm using. I've never played on a Mac. My nephew built my computer from scratch about 4 years ago and it had Windows 7. Since then 8 and 10 installed. It may very well be your OS is the reason.

I tried Safari and my score was the same.  Mine is Safari 8.0.2 if that means anything.  Is it because I'm on a Mac?  Or maybe a Mac with an old OS?  Mine says its x Yosemite 10.10.1  This glitch drives me nuts. I'm at 113 moves and think if I worked on it for a bit I could bring it down a few moves but not 22 moves like Susan. 

I apologize for not clicking the newest version. I don't see how to leave a comment on that version.

Okay turbolover, when moving kings to open spot it does not count the moves.

turbolover, I'd be more than happy to, but the move counter is hidden when I play because of card size and having to move up and down to play. The whole format of card layout needs to be smaller. Using Safari there is not a function to minimize card size.

Donna thank you very much. You do so much for this site.

Harley I tested safary, but don't get lower moves score, I cant find this bug. I need replicate those issues on my computer to fix this.

can you check on which action the moves counter doesn't increase, as example on dropping card on another card in stack, or on placing kings on empty space, or when finishes game and all card automatically placing to aces. I'll be grateful for this information


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