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Game #3481, Generated on September 27, 2015

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I am not sure how you do it, I just know that you can. You probably want to ask an expert on this. Somehow you have to assign one half by labeling it, for instance  "A " and the second half " B ". You could even use two different OS if you desired.  I think the proper terminology would be  format or partition the hard drive. I am not a computer scientist.  I just know enough to get around and am familiar with some information.

How do you divide the hard drive? This is way above my head.

For me, it seems that using the 10 first worked well as well as 9 and 7 first. There may be one more move, but I am too tired to find it.....

You can also divide your harddrive in half.  I think you cannot run both halves at the same time. You have to boot to one or the other other. It was just a suggestion.  I remember when I had firefox on my laptop and it was not compatible with some programs. I went back to an earlier version unitl they came up with a fix.  I reported my problem.  What i like about ffffffirefox is that they are always working on optimizing this web browser. If you have  a problem they work on a fix.

Robin, I did all of that and a recovery of earlier versions of windows, it took over an hour. I wound right back to windows 10. I was going for 8.

 I would recommend uninstalling windows 10 and go to lower platform until more fixes are available for newer versions. Flashplayer is going to be obsolete soon. I tried using google chrome and flashplayer kept crashing.  It is an add-on.  They are going to discontinue because of security reasons  anyhow.

At such a disadvantage not having Safari, 20 moves over.

Thank you Layla.  smile

There are a lot of ways to complete today's game.  I used 6 first, and 2, 3, 4 straight up.

Thanks for the clues, Di. Good night!!  cool

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