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Game #3273, Generated on March 2, 2015

Played a total of 1120 times by 159 registered members. Finished by 113 users who rated the difficulty as easy.

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Hi everyone! Lily belle, the "easy" resting is a default. it's crazy and misleading. 

Well, in case I wasn't clear, if you want your score with the lowest moves to register as your best result, you do have to do it with the least time -- at the same time.  So, in that case, you do have to go for a better time.  For example, on an archive game that I played a long time ago, I can easily go lower in moves but, if my fastest time is already 1:30 (from four years ago), I have to get my speed to 1:29 in order for my new low score to register together as my best result.  I don't bother because I don't go for speed on here, either.

Thanks Susan, always a welcomed analogy by you. I did manage 104 and a 3:01 time. On here, I don't go for speed.  smile

James, it's true that it only counts your best time.  To have your best result as far as moves and time go, you would have to get 107 moves with 3:17.  Maybe that's what you're already saying.  On the old site, it was nice because it always recognized your low moves and fastest times separately.  But since you like to go for fastest time and your low moves at the same time, the deal here should be O.K. Right? smile

This does not score your best result. It only scores your best time. Moves don't count in the results. My best was 3:18 and 107 moves.Why it doesn't post accurate info is disconcerting.

Oh My!  Completed with 107 moves.  Thanks Merav and Francosmile  

Hi all.  Amazing to me how this game is rated "Easy" when just over half of the players could complete it.  I have not gotten anywhere.  Am now going to try your generous clues Merav.  And your  King clue Franco.  Thankssmile  Hope everyone has a great day.

That was supposed to be Merav! I'm so sorry!!  Autocorrect is not my friend, thought  didn't know that was a word. 

Thank you for the great clues, Merav ! smile

Have a lovely day everyone!

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