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Game #2893, Generated on February 18, 2014

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I agree with you Donna. It wasn't totally misleading. At least you were trying to be helpful. smile Those cards all play up except for the 5 which in fact has to be moved. Give here some grace.

What did the momma cow say the baby cow ? "It is pasture bedtime".

Now two misleadings. I was being sarcastic. Most of that clue was correct. Someone simply had to explain the one thing wrong with it so people would know what part I had unintentionally gotten wrong rather than putting the whole thing as misleading. Not one person did til I asked.

Ah yes. I toyed today with the fact of getting the 7 to play over, which you can for 131. The thought occurred to me , what if I could get the 7 and 8 to play up. Not only did I succeed with that, I was able to play the 8 over. Because of this focus, I totally missed playing over the 3. It was nice for some else for a change to find it. smile B


I guess everyone sees something different, Robin. When I saw your clue to play the 7 first, I immediately assumed that that was to facilitate playing the 3 over right after the 2. smile

Folks, please accept my humblest apology for not leaving better clues for the low move.

James ..... you snuck that one in. Great find. You in fact gave a meaningful clue ; the fact that the 3 played over. Unless you are really, really paying attention and I was not, cause I did not catch that I could play that over since I was using the 7 first. smile This last time through, I saw, wow , I can play it over. I looked at your clues and you mentioned it, which would be an additional clue for getting 128, well, maybe, if someone wasn't doing it like me.

Donna , now I can say don't feel to bad about it. Everyone of us has done that A TIME OR TWO, well those of that offer clues. The one that sticks in my mind is by mistake I typed the wrong blAck king, and it had everyone going bonkers.

yes certainly a heinously evil clue, worse than any ever mentioned lol

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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