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Game #2734, Generated on September 18, 2013

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Hi Everyone -- Slowpoke (3:36 ) FINALLY GOT THIS 1 -- Knit 01

I was stuck on 129 because I was playing the K first. The key to 128 for me was to play the K first. smile

James, are you playing the 9 first? Are you playing the 3 straight up and the 4 over?

Im calling it a night now. Stayed up too late already.. smile

James, if you are still here, 7 is the last card to play over in draw pile.

Anyone out there know if the 7 is indeed the last card over ?

Sir Fizz, that's not what has me stuck, it is strictly finding the last move, don't think I'm bringing unneeded cards down, like I stated before, once you play up 5 6 and 7 over, you're done, and as a result, for me, 129...sad

This may not help, but what kept me stuck at 129 was I wasn't bringing down the 2. but that may have been just me outsmarting myself.

Hi Lavendar, and thank you for your war veteran comment, much appreciated...what CTOWNLIB was doing was digging up old crap that took place sometime ago like a year ago. I guess he was unaware that I have been playing under a different name. My other name got lost of something so Yuri suggested to create a new one and start all i came up with IamMissing and most everyone knew I had not gone away. I thought it a bit cheap to try to rally the troops if u will in trying to instigate something that need not take place. i think after a few posts he saw the error of his ways from my posts and he realized he perhaps made an error in his first post his second post and even his third post. By all means he is entitled to his opinion about me but to rehash a story a year old is completely done for one reason and one reason only...and that was to HURT me. he almost won but i thought who the heck is this guy trying to bury me. i didn't dupe him he just has not been reading posts for most of those post all call me by my name Robb. I have no ill will toward CTOWNLIB i just take issue with how he wants to use me to bolster up his ratings. as far as im concerned the matter is OVER my only other regret is not find the road to 128-130.

Doggone it, 129, 129, and no 128 ?!?%^^@!!##

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2016-05-10 17:27:24

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Scores and rankings

Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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