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Game #2696, Generated on August 11, 2013

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THAT is still incredible that you found that way and most interesting. It is probably due to the fact that you didn't move the hearts that allowed you to still get lowest score. smile

I finally got it Robin and Suzan's way late last night. To do it my way with two flips, you just kept playing the hearts up without moving them. smile

In case anyone decides to revisit this game..... Susan you are not that dull. I hope you were not insulted by saying you were phenomenal. You play it like Suzan said using the 8 first. Another way to say is , by using 8 first, play everything you can, and move everything you can. All three kings are in play before flip. Regarding my 3 , you can either bring the 3 down or 5 down, and still get 139. If you choose to bring down 5 first after flip, it does not block progression of play when moving back through the deck. 5 comes down on the 6 hearts after some cards move up. The last card to be played in draw pile would be the 3. If you choose to bring down the 3, you put it on the 4. I hope this clears it up a little. Blessings ! smile

That might be why they are "easy". Each person can find a way to get there even though its not the same way.

Why is it that "easy" games can get so complicated. Most of the "hard" games have only one solution, albeit a long one. Ever notice how many "easy" games have more than one solution. Easy???.

There is more than one way to 139, the way I did it is K K K, K. Q and 8 first, 2 moves to 3, 8 goes on 9 as soon as it shows up so you have space for K. Be sure you bring 8 down before the flip so you can put 7 on it and 6. 4 comes down (but then goes right back up). 4 on 5 on 6 before the flip.

K hearts K of spades K of diamonds 1st Don't cover the 3 of hearts

I've tried all of em, and even a combination of all of em, no can do,141.. I quit !

Well, Anita, I'm glad that you found my way easy enough. smile

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