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Game #2683, Generated on July 29, 2013

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HARleyman re Q :- As 57 Feral Cats said, don't put J on Q. Put Q on K, then put J on Q. At the end, play up diamonds and clubs, switching as necessary, until you empty the far right hand pile, exposing 5. Keep going with the diamonds and clubs as far as you can. The J then plays up, exposing the Q, which can play up onto the J. Once you have played the two kings and 6, everything else flies into place.

Susan, are you still around? I did the switches to play up diamonds, it's the Q that has me stumped.

KoH: Great clues, they blazed the trail to 155. And 57FeralCats, you put the star next to my name emphasizing DO NOT put J on the Q. This was a truly twisted game with LOTS of moves. The way you sorted it out for the rest of us was inspiring. G'night all.

King of Hearts 1st.. King of clubs 2nd.... 10 of hearts and 5 of clubs 1st

Yea.. it was a little tricky. Good night .Sleep well.

Oh well, no matter what I try, still end up 155. So much for this game.

I am sorry James. I meant to say play over. That should work a lot better for you. It was the remaining cards in the draw pile, the few last cards, that is. Please forgive me. I didn't mean for that unnecessary anguish.. silence

Robin, now I'm really confused, I was under the impression the K played over not up and the OC is not available unless you do bring down K, I tried that and wound up with 158 moves. Gizz-Whizz what a fiasco for one move!!!

Welcome William....

There are two flips. 6 should be last card played from draw [pile] after you play up the Q and the 5. The K and the K play up before that. You play through the clubs and diamonds with two switches before this.

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