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Game #264, Generated on February 28, 2007

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Your clues are perfect, fraug. I had already figured those out, though. My problem is something else you didn't mention. Maybe you just came upon it by chance, and I didn't. Or maybe you've got another secret you're hiding, huh? There must be something I should be leaving in the dogpile and am not, or ????? Anyway, I've gone nuts for 2 days now trying to figure it out. First I was only 1 card off 138, but now since you played, it's 2 cards off 137. You're the champ on this one --at least until emm plays it. She must have gone on a trip or is sick (sure hope not) or sadly has mixed up her priorities in life to putting work before play!!! HA HA! And how you managed to make all those card moves in 38 sec is way beyond my arthritic hands and aging brain!

The secret to < 140 is 5 first, 9 first, K in first space and for the 7 and below, keep the D&S paired and H&C paired so you can easily put them up top and go back through the deck when you put the 2 up top on the second run through it. Got all that? =)

Nice quick game.. Let's see how long I can keep emm from the top on moves!

If you have any feature requests be sure to tell me about them in the new Feature Request forum:

I'm with you, fab. It's another one to drive me nuts trying to figure out how those solitaire geniuses got lower than140!!!!! How many more "wasted" hours?!?!? I thought we were right up there with the best. And you know they NEVER tell the whole secret!!!

I solved the game in so many different ways, but I could not go under 140 moves. Hey people, what is the secret? smile

beet it the first time i played but now i cant remember :/

nice game

9 first made a big difference too.

great hint from oliviacw

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