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Game #2612, Generated on May 19, 2013

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Some moves that might be useful as you go through: - 7 onto 8, followed by 6 and 5 onto them clears a space for the K to come down. J onto Q. 4 onto 5. 7 onto 8. Move 5 to 6 to free 6. Switch diamonds and clubs to play up until you can play the J up and free that pile. If necessary bring down the 4 so you can play 3.

happy54935 I used fizzbut's clues which summarise as 7, 8, J, J, Q and K all play first. Also 5 plays straight up i.e. from where it starts (but that doesn't mean you can't put on it). later in the game, clubs and diamonds switch around to play up.

happy54935 For a start, ignore any clues before where I posted 'new game' up above because the original game on that day was impossible to solve (an 'I' game) so we asked for a new one. Next, see which players got best scores and folow their tips - I recommend fizzbut and Alex&max. I've got to go and do some housework now, but I'll come back in a few hours, play it myself again and see what I can suggest.

Can someone help me with a clue for game 2612?

Di and Hamlette, maybe I'm just slow but J is not working for me. Why are the simple things so hard. I wish I could say the hard things were not hard but at least they are expected to be hard. Please help me be amongst the big kids.

Merav, I just used Google translate:
And I just said - you can get hints Hebrew??? It is very help me.
Not a perfect translation, but I get the gist! smile

ואני רק שאלה - אפשר לקבל רמזים בעברית??? זה מאוד יעזור לי
תודה smile

Now that was some game. I hope we're finished.

I think I'd do better if ALL the clues remained in French.

And BrianWendy007: Yes, there is a "hard" game of solitaire. This is it.

Perhaps I'll have better luck tomorrow.

Thanks William. Just trying to catch up after vacation. I need to get my grandbaby's picture back on the board!

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