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Game #2580, Generated on April 17, 2013

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I finally solved this game, but i'm not sure how? I'm going to have to play it again to find out what i did right.

Di, that's exactly what i've been doing and it's what creates the problem ie. how do you move the 2 so that you can play up clubs, diamonds and spades?

Thanks for the clues Jac and PatLogan100. Couldn't solve it before your great clues! So glad to hear all of your friends and relatives in Boston are okay! This world is scary sometimes! My heart goes out to all the people of Boston!

Yup - it was a "stupid" move I was doing - finally found 135 - Thanks 57 Feral Cats

Yup 54 it is at the flip - got to watch what I'm bringing down

Pat, I think I'm at 54 moves right before the flip if that helps.

That's only for 136 - I haven't found the last move yet. Hope that helps those than can't finish.

Here's what helped me out. You concentrate on getting spades - thru the 7 up - means 6 goes on 7 and 7 moves first. After the flop - don't bring 3 down - 6 - 7 go up - move 7. 3-4,5-6,4-5, K moves,2,2,3 over, 7 down, 6 over - its pretty clear from there.

Franco, glad you are okaysmile We are from the Boston area also. I'm for now living in Maryland, but planning on going back in a few years. Called my family and close friends yesterday and today, thankfully they're okaysmile This violence and evil is scary, but good is stronger and we have to keep going on living, I have been so impressed with the response of everyone! The 1st responders, police, medical, fire, volunteers have been simply awesome! As was proven in New York, Oklahoma and too many other places to name, the human spirit can not be crushed, there is more good in the world, than evil. Although sometimes I have to keep repeating this to myself, over and over. Sorry for the soapbox, like everyone else I'm still emotional over this, so enoughsmile Back to the game and have fun!

Thanks Jacqueline...brilliant clues...yer a canny scots lass!

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