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The problem is that no one, other than Donna after this all started, has explained why some of you feel so uneasy about Karl. Some of the people that voted don't even PLAY THE GAME. Or they aren't logged in and it doesn't appear they play and there are was at least one I had never heard of. It's like everyone just jumped on the bandwagon for no reason. Or is it because of the past posers like Robb that just make everyone jumpy when a person is a little different. Karl is different because of his life experiences and his profession. Just tell me what he did that made you uneasy? I'm just curious.

Now I'm really confused. It's offensive to try and explain why I (and many others) felt so uneasy about Karl's contributions?

Guys, we don't have to call names at each other. Please find ways to be civil with each other. This is such a special place where we sort of have our own little United Nations. We need to cherish it and not stoop to calling names. Can't we find ways to just "agree to disagree"? I appreciate you all so much and love to follow your daily lives.

That's alright Jackie, if you have something to say then spit it out.

Chuffy - usually agree what you say, but not this time - people here remember all too well the hurt and gut feelings of being manipulated that Karl inspired. I think today was about reassuring each other and expressing incomprehension that someone who claimed to be helpful and caring could be so insensitive and cause such bother.

Jeez, It's so funny how people on this site have a selective memory!
Cheers for the clues peeps, although it took some searching to find them amongst the "chitter chatter" lol.

Denise, I was going to reply, but my comments would offend you.

Jackie, no sense taking shots at Rachael and I just because we happen to see a different side of the man than you did! Yeah, I'm the one who marked your comment offensive, because it was to me. I'm not stupid, but I'm also not paranoid.

at a loss in finding the path to anything under 144. and u know how u think ur following the clues, and low and behold you are not...well...i clearly must be missing something. so friggen frustrating. had an injection today, and hands are on fire. i can't stop scratching them im bleeding in a few spots. i called the nurse who gave me the shot and she said its not a side effect. took a antihistamine before i called her, hope it takes effect SOON.

I missed the latest excitement. I seem to be good at doing that.

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