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Game #2487, Generated on January 30, 2013

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Hi bouncyorangecat In lieu of yesterday's comments, when I got my notebook computer, IE would not even bring out the cards. That is why I installed firefox to begin with because I heard it was really good for gaming. I was surprised when you said it got worse. Did you make sure you had latest version ? I am having problem now with firefox itself crashing. So I don't know what to say at this point. I am supposing that google chrome works the best for you right now , even with the noted problems. It could be the load on the server........

The word that comes to mind this AM is "Inevitable". You knew it would happen but the question WA when.

i don't see how the 7 plays at the beginning? how? HELP?! PLEAE?!

does J go onto 10? 6 onto 7? 7 onto 8? 8 onto 9? this must be wrong cuz as i go back thru the deck im left with the 6 and no where to go from there with the 4 holding up the finish and i have stacked Clubs up to and including the 6.

7 is on the 8? 8 is on the 9? how the heck does the 6 go onto the 7. i have not slept all night due to this friggen game...and Larry, i have said repeatedly, I find EAY games no so easy for the last year...glad to see someone else feels the same way...doggone it!

8 goes 9 or 9

PrincessLaurel: Thank you

Thank you, William !! smile Sorry, my computer's so slow and I had to go have dinner first ! ~ Thanks, Donna, I'll give that a try. smile

Hello, everyone. I came online very late today. I'm having trouble making sense of the clues -- I can't crack 133. But beyond that I have one question: How is this game "easy"? I had far less trouble with the "medium" and "hard" games.

But I guess that's just me. I've been playing for more than a year and would be unable to explain the scoring system to anyone. It seems the criteria for a game's difficulty is one more mystery of the solar system.

I'll try again tomorrow. Night all.

You got it too Donna. You're welcome. smile

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