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Game #2482, Generated on January 25, 2013

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It is kind of late. I have tried again and still got 150. I need to get up learier to work tomorrow morning. So I let someone else to achieve 149 or lower then....

You moved the 4? Oh brother 149 maybe, but I'm not going to try and think about that, going to quit early tonight. Have fun!

There werer more than one way to get 150. I moved 4, used 6 first, and 2 straight up. May be is a way for 149 now....

Well let's see, the most creative way I can give you the key is the 4 plays up before the first flip if you play the 6 first. After the flip if you use the 6. But you'll probably only find what I mean if you figure out with the 6 first.

Welcome Judebug7! Happy to have you join our Solitaire community!

Merav, you are so funny! I love that line, "I'm blushing" (more, more).

donna, I'd talk to you about insulation but somehow I think that's been looked at once or twice before. A good thing to do in severe cold weather is let the faucets drip. The running water will help keep pipes from freezing. However, if they're already frozen, pray for warmer weather. But then I guess you're already doing that. Hang in there.

Well you know this is just too much of a discombobulated mess to just stay put.

not just the the toilet down there is frozen too. We have a heater in there and it's making no difference. I guess just hope for an end to the cold snap. Thanks will try all the clues smile

Donna- the key is the 4th pile. It looks like this near the end- 4c,5h,6c,7h,2c,3c. That's top to bottom. Hope my little attempt helps in some fashion after the freezing pipes.

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The numbers indicates quantity of user takes this achievements!...

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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