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Joekayak, it's a misslanny !

Hi, Chuffy ! Thanks ! I'm sorry you've been through bad experiences because of your brother. But it's good to know that there's someone else out there who understands. smile

Hi Joanne! It's 10:15pm here in Queensland, Australia and another 15 minutes before the new game. I can't stay awake for it. Waaaa sad Enjoy your day everyone. smile

Howdy peeps hope you are all well xxxxx
Hi Denise, thanku for your festive well wishes. They are much appreciated.
Susan, I hear you loud and clear with regards the Brother thing, my life is easier and safer without mine in it. I could never live without my Sister though, she is the one that keeps me sane!! xxxxx

So, is 124 a mislanny or a one-flipper? I am flipping out on this one!!

Hi, Denise! That was one of many horrific things that my brother did -- the second-worst was that he hired a private detective to spy on me. This was to provide information to the court that I wasn't fit to be my mother's guardian (even though I had taken care of her for five years). So the big thing that the detective produced on the day of the court hearing was a picture of me feeding feral cats at an abandoned house. That was supposed to show that I had poor judgment. Thankfully, the judge dismissed the detective because his report was irrelevant ! The list goes on and on. I'm doing fine now -- just have a lot of work and responsibility taking care of my kitties by myself. I'm an "orphan" without much of a family to speak of. But that's better than faking it with a brother who doesn't even respect me. I certainly appreciate your prayers. They are always welcome!!! Thanks ! Best wishes to you and your mom and siblings. I pray that you are spared anything close to what I went through. Merry Christmas to you all ! Make some good memories this holiday season ! smile

I was doing the 7s by mistake Susan..thanks..but I think I am stacking wrong too. I am hopeless lately. Thanks for the help though. smile


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57 Feral Cats, I'm so sorry. I didn't know your Mom had passed away. And that is absolutely horrible what your brother tried to do. You are right about my siblings, some of us have had fallen outs, but they get worked out. I'm kind of the peace maker in the family. I am so lucky to have a good family. And it makes me sad to see what people like your brother try to do to their family. I feel for you. Are you doing okay now? I have to go right now but will check back tomorrow. Take care and know that I'm praying for you!

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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