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Wonderful words of wisdom, Susan! smile

Thanku for the excellent clues Pa, Donna & Anita xx smile

Kenright, Karl, I hope to still hear from you! I so enjoy your dear touch on this chat forum. If you must go, know I will truly miss hearing about you and your dear Inge. xxoo

Karl, I'm sorry that the problem involved someone you considered a friend. That always makes the situation worse. ~ I must tell you this brief story which probably has a parallel in many of our lives. Noah, the guy who mows my lawn, told me that, when he was in school many years ago, some kid pulled the chair out from under him and he (Noah) fell on the floor. I imagine that all of the kids laughed. Noah NEVER forgot that. When he went to his Reunion many years after this incident, he sought out the guy that pulled the chair out from under him -- just to talk about what had happened. And guess what? The guy didn't even remember what Noah was talking about !!!!! So, for all these years, Noah had carried this hurt and resentment around with him over this incident . . . but the other guy had gone on with his life oblivious to the hurt he had caused. Ay, ay, ay! Something similar happened to me but on a deeper and more serious level. Being human, we get hurt and hold on to whatever caused it. It's hard to let go sometimes. Unfortunately, we, the victim, get double-duty. We have to deal with the hurt, allow time to heal the wound, and maybe possibly think about at least wanting to forgive the other person eventually. Otherwise, it can eat at us and bring negativity and darkness into our thinking. It all falls on us, doesn't it? It doesn't seem fair at all. But it's just the nature of human relationships. They don't all work out like we would hope. Not preaching, of course!! I still struggle with this myself. smile

57 Feral Cats: My most sincere thanks for your kind words. You always express great perspicacity and wisdom. I will probably heal in time. The problem is that the slap came from a person whom I considered a friend. The person may not be even aweare of the hurt caused. That troubles me. It is so common to jump quickly to conclusions and labeling badly, which happened to me twice already. If we all would reflect just a bit, like you do, before labeling there would be less hurt. Thank you Susan. I shall listen to your kind advice. smile Karl.

Pat, the Q (2 is under it) goes on the K. Low Clubs are under the Diamonds. Make sure you put the 4 on the 5 (before the flip) so you can play up (after the flip) the 5 and 6, and then move the 6 to the 7. The A is under the 6. And keep in mind all of Pa's good clues ! Hope that helps. smile

Karl, thanks for the kind words ! smile I wish you had said whatever you wanted to say on other occasions. It would be good if you would not remain mute. If anyone "slaps" you down, just consider the source. Really . . . if it comes from anyone else other than the people you know and like and trust on this website, then just ignore it and don't worry about it. smile

WOW I must be out in left field. Talking about only 1 flip, and only bring down the 9 after the flip. How does one release the 2 and the low Clubs that are buried in the piles???

Denise. Really thank you. There are few people around as nice as you are. I dont try to be hard nor am I vindictive. But how many times does one has to try to help with goodwill only to be thwarted. And if we are prevented to be nice to each other what is the reason to be around? . I would like nothing better than to continue as we were. I wish I could explain to you my reasons. I can promise you one thing. I shall keep monitoring the chats and will always respond to those who show goodwill or who need the type of support I can give. With friendly feelings (((((((((Denise))))))))) (((((((((hugs))))))). smile Karl

Mom, I'm sorry to hear your husband isn't doing well. I pray he gets better soon, then maybe you can to see the kids.

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