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Game #2400, Generated on November 5, 2012

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My times will never match anyone using an I Pad - I am on a rather old desk top computer with a regulation size keyboard - so definitely slower than how I see kids tapping away at their new phones or tablets.

sorry 65 at the flip forgot not to bring down 7

66 at the flip Joe

I give up. 62 moves at the flip. Only thing that comes down after the flip is 9 and only thing that moves is 8 to 9 all else is up or over. Where is 122???

Wotter, your avatar might need to be a beaver - you must have beavers on your mind smile Just kidding. It's easy to type something wrong - just look at how I spelled truly above. HA

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. You are truelly a wonderful group of people! I have been holding up fairly well. Had a little melt down this morning. I know it's good news that they haven't found any cancer so far - I just worry that there might be cancer down deep in the big polyp. My younger sister had a small polyp and the Dr said it showed no signs, but turned out it was cancer, but caught at the very beginning. She didn't have to have chemo, just many more colonoscopys and is still fine. You just never know! But I am trying to stay busy and it helps to play on SC and read all of the chat. You folks make me laugh and I love you for that.

Wotters, so happy for you! Getting your wedding ring is so exciting! I can not wait for the wifi wedding.

Kenright, I also will be praying for you and your wife. Prayer is a powerful thing!

Crumbs I missed loads tonight!! Just know that I love you all loads.
There is no chance of me outshining my beautiful sister. I am to looking forward to the wifi wedding. xxxxx smilesmile

Thank you KOH. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. I shall be thinkng about you that day. 26 years is a nice haul and I hope you are and will continue to be happy together. We celebrated in September ou 60th but kept it quiet. We are devoted to each other and we were happy just to be the two of us.

Wotters You are absolutely right. Nov. 15 is my wedding anniversary of 26 years.
SusieP I pray that you will stay well and in good health.
Kenright hehe on typo's Nice picture.
Di Is this how you feel after this game ? I noticed your eyes got bigger. @v@

Good news, Dphifer. kenright's advice and comments sound spot-on.Good luck.

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