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Morning all. I know its too early for a new game,and I do not require any clues.
I just want to say, I hope you peeps in the grips of Sandy made it through the night.
Thoughts and prayers to those souls lost xxx Keep strongxxx

dphifer, thanks got your comments. It is not just a different state, it really is a different world, like you woke up on Mars! But once you adjust (took me 10 yrs! I must be a slow bloomer) it seems very normal and you get in synch with the un-natural order of things. You learn to really appreciate life at its basic most level, i.e., warmth, running water, etc. I have many friends with "no problem/no plumbing homes". That means no running water, they portage it in and use an outhouse. Not me! Thank God for plumbing!

Rachel, I second what Corky said. I can't imagine the every day life you go through. The lamp you mentioned would be a must for me. Tell us more about your life when you have time. It is so interesting.

Thank you Karl, that was a very kind thing to say. And I must say "right back at you". Your wife is very lucky to have such a kind, loving, caring husband. There are not enough men like you in the world! Peace be with you both!

dphifer Thank you are very loyal, helpful and interested person. may you keep up your good habits

Kenright, my prayers are with you and your wife! Take care all of you in the path of Sandy. I pray everyone is safe. Donna, It's so good to hear from you. We have all missed you!

Thank you Joanne, Heather,Di, William, Leelamaria and all you kind people who think about us and are concerned about our well being. So far, as I said what we have to face is manageable. My wife will have to face surgery but the problem likely was caught early and surgery will likely stop any potentional spread. Thank you and please don't worry. Currently the storm is creating the most havoc in the lives of people affected by it and we hope they will survive it in safety. We shall survive the current misfortune and will likely grow stronger by the experience.

I admire those people who can live without light. I hope I never have to experience it.

@phifer, now we are going into Winter Darkness. We are losing 8 to 10 minutes of light per day. By mid November we don't functionally have light, just a bleak twilight where the sun doesn't make it overhead, but sort of hugs the horizon for 3 hours to taunt us. It used to drive me crazy, but when I got a bright light for Seasonal Depression it stopped being an issue. Thank God for inventors!

Kenright, Thanks for the comments yesterday! YES, you think you are going CRAZY when there is nonstop sunlight 3 months of summer. The first fight we had after we married was: husband, "you can't cover the windows! I waited all Winter for this sunlight!" Me: "If I don't cover the windows I am going to go CRAZY with all this light and KILL YOU AND NO JURY OF MY PEERS WILL CONVICT ME!" I won the fight, and immediately nailed black garbage bags over the windows to get to sleep. Ha!

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