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Game #2293, Generated on July 23, 2012

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I feel the same way Susan. I guessed that getting the 6 up straight would help, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. smile

William, I don't know about you but, after Suzan's layout of the solution for this game, I'm feeling a bit like a rookie ! sad smile

Donna, don't put 4 on the 5 right away, put 4 on it first, then when 4 goes up, move the 4

I did get 149 using Js first.. still 4 off..but couldn't come close before. Great clues everyone. Don't know what I am missing..the other clues following exactly.

You're right Susan, 8 to 9 before the flip for 39 at the flip. Either way.

I am so tired I can't make head not tails of it. Had a nice visit with my cousin today.. they spent the whole afternoon and had lunch. They are coming for lunch tomorrow too. Off to sleep after one more try. Sweet dreams all. smile

Gee whiz, Suzan ! How in the world did you work all of that out ?! Thanks for spelling it out for us !! smile Before the flip, I moved the 8 onto the 9 which put me at 39 moves but somehow I still ended up with 144 moves at the end. Thanks so much !! smile

Thank you Suzan. I would never have thought to play it that way, so I don't feel so bad. Ignore my clue, and follow Suzan's. smile

Ack. of course its play 4 and 5 and 3 up for that last space. Order of kings is K K K. Move the 7 to make room for the K and move the 7 to make room for the K. A spot opens naturally for K.

37 at flip, J first as are 8 and 10. K 4 2 6 over or up straight. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing differently than before but I think it has to do with not having to move a card to get K down. I suppose this is the same: don't cover 5 or 6, bring down 4 so that when 3 comes back up (this is after the flip) play 3 4 6 up. Put 4 on 5 and 5 on 6. Move 7 and 7 for the first two spaces you need for kings then bring down 4 and play 4 and 5 and 3 straight up for the last king, the K I think is third.

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