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Game #2269, Generated on June 29, 2012

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if you bring down 7 what about 7????
does 7 moves somewhere or plays up ftom it`s place??????

Thank you very much Pearl. It was kind of you to respond so thoroughly. Good night to all. This is the West Coast signing off. karl

Thanks so much, Pearl!

And, lilybelle, congratulations on your low moves . . . just three moves off. That's excellent ! Good for you ! smile

Pearl, I think your clues are great ! For some of us who really need clues to get very far at all, the few clues you gave help us more than you know !! smile Thank you ! smile And it's also very nice to be able to communicate with you. smile I hope we have broken the ice ! Thanks again ! smile

Thank you William for understanding! I was a little upset when I saw some comments made. I went back to look what I wrote, and found I had some typo there. I should say that I have not seen much from Bouncycat, and Fizz knows how to give clues very well. I usually don't like to see the clues, because I don't want to preset my mind before I play the game. Like today's game, there are two ways to get to 141. One is Dale's way, the other is play 4, 5, and 10 straight up; however, you have to stack diamond and space together.

WOW! This is the closest I have ever come to the top moves of the elite. Wow. I'm excited.

thanks Dale..but I can't make that work. I had all my hair cut off today and I think my small bit of brain matter went with it lol!!! Sure feels nice and cool though!!!!!!!!! Off to bed..too tired to figure things out. Sweet dreams to all! smilesilence

Hello everyone. Pearl100, well said. There is no rule requiring giving a solution or a clue. I can't complete a game without clues, but I don't expect them from anyone. It's nice to receive them though. smile Hi Susan. Thanks. smile

Thanks, Dale !! smile smile

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