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Glad it was a wonderful day, Lanny!!! smile So good to see you here! I am glad it helped Wotters... though it makes you feel sadder at first. You have a lot of fellow animal lovers here; especially those who have lost beloved animal friends.. so you landed in the right spot.
Welcome to Kyler!!!

my first game complete! New member.

Hi Donnamusica. Thank you for the link I just hope this is true, I would like to think we will meet again, (yes it also made me cry) she was just so special. it's strange that we knew the impact we had on her life but not until she went did we realise the impact she had on us. Xxxxxx

Happy birthday to my Soul Sista Misslanny!! Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I know I don't come and say much , but you all are thought of a lot! I try and come and play..but between knitting, and driving my daughter to ballet,...Okay okay and yes the old Facebook i don't come by much!
Thank you thank you all!

Wow, I just read through all your comments from today more slowly. Thank you ALL for the wishes. So many! Thank you everyone!

Thanks Donna and Lynne and William and Susan for the birthday wishes--and anyone I left out, too! It was a beautiful sunny 75 degree day here in Minneapolis. It's always nice weather on my birthday. I can only remember two when it wasn't. You ask how a misslanny came about? We used to call the game a no-flip. There was a new player who asked what is a "no-flip"? I think Donna explained it to him and I replied something like, "Yeah...just like my flip." Donna wrote back LOL's and smiley faces, and then christened the game with no flip, a misslanny. (Anyone who remembers it differently is free to tell their version. My memory is not what is used to be when you are as ancient as I am. lol!)

OMG just popped in saw a pic of Wotters now I have to leave, V emotional.
that little lady was so stunning. It breaks my heart that she's no longer with us.
Im really sorry for your loss sis xxxxxxxxx

Way to go, Karl ! Hope you're feeling better now. smile By the way, since your name is Karl, what significance does "kenright" have? Just curious . . . I want to call you Ken ! smile

When I came back I could finish all the left over games. The times are not the best but I now have an opportunity to improve on that also. Thanks for the cues. Thank you Donna for your wishes smile smile smile

By the way, Miss Lanny (or anyone who knows the answer), how was it that your name came to be connected with the no-flipper?

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