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Game #2222, Generated on May 14, 2012

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by the way that's an awful pic..for some reason making it smaller made the images squash down and outwards.. don't know what I did wrong. Thanks franco smile

Thanks Susan...I know you miss your folks too.. smile Yes they are probably wondering what we are all het up about lol. Thanks Dale, Susan and Suzan for the wonderful final clues and Pat and Zarya and whoever else I am forgetting for the earlier ones. Never thought I would get to within 2 of low score on this one! Thanks everyone smile!

no problems here Donna its all fun and games. Play on folks play on!

J and 10 go straight over. Also, 6 on 7 for 143. If Layla's gone to bed, that might be low for the night!

Dale, I've written down Dillon's e-mail address on a post-it note and put it right on my monitor! Thanks! smile I promise not to pester him. smile

Next topic (if anyone is still around) . . . In answer to your question, Dale, I am using Firefox. I was wondering if anybody has upgraded to Firefox 12. In case this gets a number of replies, I'm going to post this on the Forum so we can all benefit from what others are saying.

Thanks, Pa! I'll try to remember that if this ever happens again. But I already did what Dillon suggested. Yahoo! got added as an "add-on" but I found it in the "extension" list to disable it. Then I had to reboot. Anyway, the Yahoo! toolbar is gone. Yea! Thank you, Dillon and Pa ! smile

Susan if you right click on the toolbar area a drop down list of toolbars will appear just remove the check mark from the ones you don't use

Hey Susan, just popped in again....he said go to tools, add ons....then find the item, and either remove or disable it. Firefox, right? Is your screen ok now? p.s. my son's name is Dillon and his email is If I am not on here and you need help in the future maybe he can help you and if not, he can probably direct you somewhere!

Oh, thanks too PatLogan100. smile

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2015-12-03 20:34:00

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