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Thanks for the help, I didn't get the clues until this morning. I'll try again. lol Thanks again.

Well, maybe if they have decided not to play any more they have not been back.

but who are they?
why dont they come forward?

Has anyone given any thought to the three or more players that may have been lost because they found pchang's comment offensive?

ello everyone
Sure you noticed I was quiet until now ....
And all because my optical mouse decided to go on strike
So I brought another with USB connection until we reach a new agreement between us

Well, it's been quite a day. Not necessarily a great day, though. sad Hope tomorrow's better -- for everyone, especially pchang.

Robb, PCHANG introduced this website to me. He actually is a highly educated, talent, humble, and kind person if you know him. He is in US for a long time, and is very successful in his area.

I am so sorry to learn that we lost a very good player today. PChang is not only a lowest scorer but also is THE FATEST mover. He really challenges us all the time. I certainly will miss him. Hope that he will come back.....

PCHANG...WOW...I am sorry that he is miffed...and in his mind, rightfully so...the deal that is going on here is cultural. He wrote 'a communist board' when i read that I made a leap that he may not have been here in the US too long...and may still have family in China..dunno, but its clear he cherishes freedom of speech and the phrase 'lost in translation' was in play here. I'm sorry I didn't comment as soon as i read what he wrote cuz i thought...OH NO..someone is going to take this comment the wrong way...and sure enuf.
Let our hope as a group be that PCHANG has a cooling off period and someone makes contact with Donna, her words are like Kelly Gold Irish Butter...(if u haven't ever used it...smooth and to the point in flavour) I feel badly that this has taken place...I do recall not too long ago I had a number of Offensive remarks on a couple of my comments and I just didn't get what was offensive...but none the less felt badly and didn't play for a few how about we use this as another LEARNING EXP as a group...and incorporate the idea that we are an International group...even here in the States, something that is said in So. Cali means something differently in New an example.
Man...I am just sick about this that someone is i wish i would of wrote a comment...i take full responsibility for not taking what i saw as two different cultural mind sets...doggone it...I am so sorry.

Hi, Heather ! Here are some of the stacking combinations: 9 on 10, 8 on 9, 8 on 9. Also, J and Q first. I think those are right. See if that helps. smile

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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