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Game #2140, Generated on February 22, 2012

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how odd...i come to the game this AM at 41...and not played the game at that time...but by the end of the ranking goes from 41 to 48....and my time for today's game is 1:40 with 136 moves which ranked 30 and 23 doesn't compute for me at all...sure takes all the fun and incentive out of trying to better each score and time...

Yes, I did notice the Q coming down after moving the 4. I guess I won't worry about it either. The game has many twists and turns. smile

So, here's the accurate clue. If you move the 4, make sure to bring down the Q before proceeding. If you don't move the 4, you don't have to worry about the Q until after the flip. Initially, I probably moved the 4 but didn't bring down the Q so that gave me 136. O.K.! Off to get some work done. smile

O.K., William, now I got it. If you move the 4, it exposes the K and then you can bring the Q right down. If you don't move the 4, you save that move but the Q can't be brought down and is still in the deck. After the flip, the Q has to be dealt again AND brought down. So it's a wash. Hope that makes sense. Now I'm not sure what I did to get from 136 to 135 but I'm not going to worry about it !! smile It's not because of the 6 as you figured out.

Well Susan, I just played the 6 down and the 4 on the 5 and I still got 135. I thought for sure that not moving the 4 would save a move, but it didn't. ???

So William, since it's the same number of moves either way, you did something else that gave you low score.

Hello nsnow3 and welcome.


I'll try Margaret, but it's hard! smile

Actually, if you think about it, it's 3 moves either way. First, you don't bring it down - that's one. Then you meet up with it after the flip. That's two. Then you play it over. That's three. Or, First you bring it down. That's one and two. Then you play it up. That's three. Strange.

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