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You have a very good memory to remember her from so long ago. smile Glad your boys got to connect with their cousins smile xoxox Sleep well.

Thanks, Norm & Donna. My mother was a unique person. I knew some of the people at the service but not others. One that was interesting was a lady I did know, but she seemed to think she didn't know me! I remember her well because she came to my college graduation some 21 years ago. I hadn't heard anything of her in decades though.

It was actually only a 4 hour drive each way. These some 29 years or so since I've been here, I've usually driven across country which takes a good bit longer. I can't believe I hadn't tried the Interstate route before. Yes, I had a place to stay overnight. Some dear friends I met through my disabled brother have put us up several times, so we stayed with them again. Actually I had 3 offers of places to stay this time, which was nice. I discovered not long after I moved away from the area that staying with family just didn't work out well. For a number of years, we stayed in hotels. I can't really afford that now. I am tired, but only because I didn't sleep well last night. We had a very nice family dinner last night. My brother must have shelled out quite a bundle to pay for it! My boys really enjoyed talking with their first cousins they haven't seen in many years.

I am sure it wasn't easy Margie...but glad to see you back smile silence

Margaret, how long of a trip was that from South Carolina? Did you have a place to stay overnight? You must be pooped !! smile

Welcome back Robb,Q,and Race. Margie...glad its over. Keep your chin up.


Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! smile in my dream house .........again

It was held at the Quaker meeting house in Chattanooga. Mother used to go there, and apparently was instrumental in helping them buy the house many, many years ago. She hadn't attended in many years as she cared for one of my brothers who had arthritis for many years. It was good to see some cousins and family friends I hadn't seen in a long time. My alcoholic brother managed to remain sober, thankfully. Thanks for asking, Susan.

Where was the service, Margaret?

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