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Game #2123, Generated on February 5, 2012

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Brief summary (and a few new clues) for anyone returning to this game: 47 moves before the flip. 4 and 5 first. Bring down 8 and 7 before the flip. J and Q first. Order of Kings: K - K - K - K. 8 plays up. Mini-swap to play up 8. ** 5 plays up to make room for K. **

This is easy

I can't figure out how to play better.

about the Kings...the K pops up from a pile...a red Q is a few flips the black J that is on the far left onto the red Q/Blk K...drag it over to where the J was...the K is immediately next. as i think a black Q follows...move that to the newly open space...from there its a cake walk, but if u need glaze or frosting..better talk to not the best in moves.
Im also using 3 and 3..i find it easier to use the 3 1st..brings up the 3 fast and the 2 is already on the A..and than the 4 comes...but whatever works for u all..

Susan...We are so sorry to hear about Big Boy...I know that you have sat with him for the last few days most likely knowing he was really tired.
I am not sure how I am going to tell the twins. as u know, we had a pic of Big Boy on the kitchen refrig...I have not checked my robbieoros email today...been busy with someone enjoying my credit card, concert tickets, plane tickets, some nice restaurants and what tipped me off was the cash withdrawl...I don't charge cash...I was looking over my statement and that stood out like a traffic sign.
and I'm suspecting my trainer at the gym...i hope its not...but no one knows me as well as he does as far as my traveling...and he is the only one who has this credit card on file for my training...
i called the citi bank..and i had a long chat with the owner of the gym trainer has also been using my gym card to charge food at the café at the gym...he is 21 and on probation now for some other mess he made...dui i

What plays up or over? I guess I'm moving something I shouldn't be moving.

Ks, K, Ks, Ks I don't know how to do layouts..they make no sense to me. YOu bring down 7s not 7, William.

Suzan, someone, please?

So what is the order of kings, Donna? And the layout at the flip? I'm glad to see you got it. I'm still stuck.

PaBaldy, I don't understand your clues. You say to bring down the 7, but it's at the bottom of the 7th pile. Your other clues are lost on me. I'm sure it's my fault. Thanks. smile

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