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Game #2065, Generated on December 9, 2011

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Hi Bruce. Good to see you back if only for 1 game. Work is more important than SC.At least until you retire.

Don't know what I did but got it in 2:46 169

A very Merry Christmas to you, too, Fizz !! smile (and, yes, it's a blessing that you are busy at work!)

To those with the late cravings, Hello!! Sorry I didn't say anything last night Susan but like tonight just a quick stop by before bed. Still really busy at work which is a good thing in this economy. I see you all are holding down the fort well. Maybe I'll get to stop by around Christmas. If not an early Merry Christmas to all.

I am writing this late at night, so it may not be read by anyone here. I read every word every night and Though you may not know me, I feel that I know all you Craver posters. Donna (name?) I am truly touched by your situation and can only send good thoughts for a good resolution for you and your father.
Lynne C and Joff, I have had many wonderful meals at Peter Lugar's, both in Great Neck and in Brooklyn (I lived in Freeport, NY for 34 years). Especially loved the killer pecan pie! Well, that's it for now, you good and kind people. Keep well.

Thanks for asking, Heather! I have Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue so I am usually feeling worn down, unfortunately. That's why it takes such an effort to care for the kitties. I'm running late with them so I guess I better get to work! Have a good evening all. smile

Got it finally. Thanks everyone for all the clues. I had originally done 8 1st, but it didn't seem right. That was many moves ago though.

I wish you could move south, Donna. It is nice being in a climate with mild winters.

Magic, when you bring down the 5 to move the 4, and you move the K, you have to play back through the deck up to (not including at this point) the K. Are you doing that?

Oh good Margaret..I know I was getting stuck on that this morning..glad I mentioned it smile!

Thanks Dale..and it's wonderful that you helped so many people!!! smile!! I am sure it was so appreciated! I realize how hard it is on people's cars. I have counted on our Volunteer organization for drives to hospitals and doctor appts. It seems expensive but as you say the wear and tear on a car is considerable..especially in the winter! In the summer I am not such an old crock...well last summer anyway lol..and I can manage for us.. errands at least. I sure wish we didn't live in this climate. It doesn't help my illnesses or dad's or our mobility. But we couldn't afford to move we will just manage. We have each least that smile!

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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