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Game #2059, Generated on December 3, 2011

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Just reciprocating 57! 4 on 5 was a great clue!

4 and 5 play straight up. Bring down 4 before the flip

bouncyorangecat, aren't you kind !! I had tried to play the Q up but had played the J on it. I had been playing the Q over instead of making it one of the cards that had to come down. So, anyone out there still working of this, at the end, the 7 comes down and the Q comes down. The J goes on the Q (as you play back through the deck) so that the Q plays up. The 10 plays over. Also, this works for 133 no matter which pair of red Jack and black Queen you use. Thanks for your help, bouncyorangecat !! smile

57 you must be so close! Maybe 7 on 8 after the 7 goes up? Or Q plays straight up?

Whether you use the J and Q first or the J and Q, wait to put the 4 on the 5. This is only for 134. I'm sure you have to do it according to Nano's clues for 133 but I couldn't find the last move.

Thanks, Nano, but I got the same score that I already had. sad answer ur question on how we came up with the name Q. well, Lori and I attended BYU for undergrad and we both had a friend in common, his name was Q. just the letter Q and was not short for anything, not Quinn, Quintin, Quigley..just Q. We both loved our friend Q and when we found out that Lori was having multiple boys (twins) and than tested for fraternal or identical, and came back identical, we asked Q if he would be Godfather to his namesake. and my brother Reynn is Godfather to Race. Lori's parents have had Alzheimer's for the last 13 yrs and her mom died a few months ago. I made the decision to bring the boys with me to the funeral. They understood that this was their mom's mom. They understand their mom was killed in a car accident and they ask questions about her when something comes up about Mom's or Mothers Day or my mom or Howie's mom. If you know anything about Howie..never bring up anything about his mom. EVER. some wounds never heal, his are quite deep and I told him and Diane that he is absolutely right in the decisions he has made regarding his parents vs doing the forgiveness thing. Why would anyone risk having their heart broken twice by the same person twice in a life time...and you mother and father of all people. I'm on Howie's side on this one.
Thanks MM for your thoughtfulness in expressing yourself regarding our family situation.

J, Q first. 7 > 8

Happy Friday Everyone !!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone !!!!!

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I haven't been able to get the game to work for several days! When I try to move a card, it will disappear and the next card in the stack ...

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