Game #2008
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 0:00
Moves: 0

Easy one

Thank you Nano,BOC,and Susan !

*new...I must have been tired...what a terrible typo lol. It is morning now and I see I no longer got low score. You are really flying lately Nano!!!

Congratulations, Nano! Not to worry! That game is "so" long ago to me. It would almost be like starting a fresh game. I really don't have time to play the games I do now so I won't be going back to reconstruct that game. I saw you left clues, though. That was nice! smile

I found 1 less move for game 2003. Don't be mad smile

Magic, I know Donna commented on your name. I also like the story behind it. One of my feral kitties is named Magic, too, but her full name is "Magic Lady". When the colony was still outside, I was feeding the kitties one night very late, past dusk. This long-haired kitty came to eat and, in the glow of the street light, her taupe and gray mingled colors looked so magical -- thus her name. Then I have a "Gypsy Woman" !

Yes, I did, Magic! I put those additional clues there in case they would help you. bouncyorangecat's clues should help you, too. Playing the 9 first is key. Then play it up so you can finally move the 9.

Did you really make it work w/o moving the 5 onto the 6? I hate to admit defeat.

Just curious! Thanks, Donna! smile

After the flip, the 7 and 10 come down. Once the 9 plays up, move the 9 in its place.

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