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Game #1991, Generated on September 26, 2011

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good morning

game 19 91, a lot of fun, and pretty easy

Welcome to the game lonnie..hope you get as much pleasure from it as we all do smile

I'm new at this game, so let it easy on me!!!!!(smile)

Robb, I cringed at your last four words -- "unless the world dies." So many countries are in trouble and we aren't far behind. We're staying tuned, but hoping and praying for the best. smile And I'll know that the twins' money is on its way ! smile

Susan, I just read ur latest note, and they thought they because you are Aunt Susan, and take care of sick cats and hungry cats that this was their own little way to help. You can be certain that the first of every month the bank will send out the money to you. Not sure how many days it takes to leave the bank to your home..but..know its on the way...unless the world dies.
Donna..U lucky cat. I am so stuck even after susan's clue, sayta clues, Norm's clue and did i miss someone..oh yeah YOUR clues.
I can't seem to get lower than 128-129. doggone it.

Thank you fizz..silencesilencesilence It took me a while to get it..couldn't even remember how I played it last..duh!!

That's SO cute, Robb ! It really means a lot that people who don't even know me and have never seen all of my lovely kitties are willing to send us donations. You tell Q and Race that the kitties and I are just as excited to know their check is coming around the first day of the month ! smile

Thanks Bruce. Go Buckeyes ! Good wins yesterday for OSU and PSU.

Thanks for the clues Aunt Susan.
To tell you how excited the boys are about sending their very own money to your cat/kiitie foundation, WE decided to take a calendar that was in the kitchen and now hangs between their beds. They have gone thru the next 12 months, and they took turns circling the first day of the month that their money leaves their bank and goes to you.
I am sure they will continue to high five each other as the first of each month moves forward.
Im trying to teach them a couple of lessons here. one, to give to those less fortunate than Chevy. ( we lumped all animals) and they are learning the value to money. regardless of their trust funds, I want them to know that money is to be used to increase the quality of their lives, be it helping out cats, to going to college, a travel educational trip, etc. and in real dollars terms, I have them fill out their tithing envelopes. each one fills out an envelope and I figure out what kind of interest on interest they made that month, we go to the back, and we withdrawl cash for their tithing. each one puts the cash into the envelope and than they had their envelopes to the Bishop, and they walk to their sunday school class. I often will stand in the back of the class and watch them in the class and see how they interact with the other kids. they are new in Newport Beach Ca, but they have fit right into the class. they seem to be quite popular...not sure if its because they are twins or if they are so cute. but, we get stopped frequently when we are out and about. they are sort of use to this, for its been going on since they were born.
Thanks Susan

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