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Game #1976, Generated on September 14, 2011

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ouch - hard ones hurt sometimes - even with clues. Better late than never, eh?

Hi, amesloberg! Nice to meet you. "Backward through the deck" means that you pass cards by, make some plays as you go forward, and then because of how the cards fall, the one you just passed by will now play. For some games, this happens several times where you're going forward and backward. I call it "a dance" -- dance of the cards. Kind of hard to explain. smile

Oh my God, what is backward through the deck? I think I know to estimate backwards but I don't know what working backward through the deck means.

It's wonderful and balmy on the eastern seaboard tonight, the 13th. I can hear the crickets out my office window.

Thank you, Robb. Prayers are good !! Thanks, Q and Race smile

Robb, the J plays on the Q. After you play the 4 up, there's room for the K. For the 6, it's a little convoluted, but you have to play backwards through the deck towards the end to get to it and then it plays over.

You don't need to bring down 10s..10 is already there.. saves 3 moves somehow. smile Very kind Robb. smile!

HELLO DONNA..and u wonder why WE all sing DONNA praises at our home. The boys always mention u and Aunt Susan in our evening prayers.
I did finally solved this with the concentration i was lacking and the Q was a HUGE HELP.
Now, about my time...YIKES. one thing at a time. THANK DONNA. and THANK AUNT SUSAN,
it all worked like you ladies said it would. WOW

Bring Qs I think it is, down onto Ks right away and other stuff will play down and up too.

oh flip. no pun intended. is there an order of Jacks to Queens? I get the Q &J fine,J im not clear and is there really away to get the K as 3rd K after K? and when does the 6 come down if at all? the only 2 i find is the 2 and 2. i have attempted to solve the game now for 2 hours this AM then the keyboard problem, and since that time its been since the beginning of nap time until now 40 mins i guess...HELP PLEAE.

Never mind. Answered my own question=YES!!!

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