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Game #1972, Generated on September 10, 2011

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I really like the solitaire when you put three cards down and draw from them. Any chance you will make this available?

You're welcome Mark. (I meant to type the 8). I'm going to wait until the number of moves is finalized, and maybe get some good clues from the best players. Later.

William, that's right!!!! would have never got it without your help. Thanks!!! Now we need to try and get 146 on #1973.

Mark, I got it! Don't move the 7 to the 8. Wait and move it to the *D. This frees up the 8 for the 9. Still 82 at the flip. smile

William, I know what you're saying. Not sure what's going on....????

Sorry, meant to say you can't move it because the 8 is trapped.

I was sure the problem was moving the 9, but you have to move it because the 8 is covered by a club and you have to get at the 4 to proceed. Where's joekayak when we really need him. We could ask Susan (57 feral cats) - she'd help.

I know from experience that it's possible to be at the right number of moves at the flip (in our case 82) and still have the wrong cards in place. Can't imagine what they would be though.

Mark, let me check. Yes, I'm playing it that way. The 3 goes to the 4 after the 7 goes on 8, which goes on 9. Then the 8 goes on the 9 to make room for the K. That gives us 82. I don't think the problem is there, but I cannot figure out where it would be after the flip, so you're thinking smart.

William, not covering 5. are you moving 3 on 4 to play 7, on 8, then 4 up on aces pile and then moving 8 on 9 to clear out far right pile to to bring down K? am thinking I'm adding extra move there somewhere even though am at 82 at the flip like joekayak said. also moving 9 like you said....????

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