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Game #1955, Generated on August 24, 2011

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Good evening. One of the clues led me to the last move but I don't know which one. Thanks to all clue givers. Didn't feel the earthquake here in southern CT but it was felt across the sound on Long Island and in NYC.

Doing O.K., I guess -- forever playing catch-up ! I have three senior kitties who are now in need of medication or some special treatment so that adds to my days that are already filled and long. But, as you know, I always have to take time out for Solitaire ! ~~ I was out running errands and didn't notice any effects of the earthquake. I haven't had a chance to talk to anyone yet to see if it was felt down here in Danville.

Not bad Susan - and you? smile

Its a mild quake. I sort of thought we were going in for something. always right before a quake,
its as quiet as if the outside is sleeping. nothing moves..the birds, animals all sense something
and take cover. Chevy, was nervous, so i did what i would do if we where in so cal, where we have them a bit more often then here. this is my first here in Ivy, Va.
im trying to explain to the twins that earthquakes can be strong enuf to kill all of us..
so...we only had movement, we are 50 miles from Richmond where the epicenter is,.
now for after shocks

Hi, William ! Glad you got it !! smile How are you doing ?

Don't ask me gamer13; I have a terrible time with punctuation. Thanks Donna and Susan, as always. smilesmile

Ooops. I should have used a semi-colon there right?

I know everybody is kidding around. That is what I like about this site. And also for the game of course, which I am not very good at.

Don't worry, gamer13 ! They're just kidding around. There is a place to use a semi-colon and you used it perfectly ! smile

Alright, I get the message, I will not use semi-colon again!! Otherwise, my son is calling me five times per day from North Dakota wondering how to make his laundry, bed etc.(first year in college) Must have spoiled him while he was at home!! Thanks for the clues by the way.

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