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Game #1936, Generated on August 5, 2011

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Right, "Taylor"! I appreciate your comments about my Shy Guy. I'm sure you love Zorro and Oreo a lot, too!! I noticed you haven't been playing in quite a while. Some time back I think you asked whether I really had 57 cats or not. I didn't know if you saw my answer -- to read "57 Feral Cats ~ Our Story" on the Forum if you had time. I hope you keep coming back to play! Thanks again! smile

Also by the way the last time I was on you couldnt remember my name thats ok my name is Taylorsmile it should say on my bio<3

I am sooooo very srry bout your cat :'( I have 2 cats one iz very sweet very fat and very OLD lol and one is sometimes evil and sometimes nice mostly evil haha anyway the nice ones name is Zorro and the evil ones name is Oreo...I love my kitties and i bet you my kitties are sad rite now to hear about your cat..Hope you feel bettersmile <3

Thanks, Layla. I appreciate your kind words. smile It's so hard to lose these little creatures. Is that your dog? What's his/her name?

Susan, I am so sorry about your catsad Hope you feel bettersmile

Robb, please tell your boys that I think they are very sweet -- to have you tell me that they're sorry I lost my beautiful Shy Guy. Tell them I'm very grateful for their heartfelt "condolences." (If that word's too big, I'm sure you'll explain!) It's also sweet of them to hug you when they know you're sad. I hope they got to see the picture of Joan Crawford in a previous avatar. She was another beauty who died on March 17. They all break my heart when their life here is over. If you have the time and the boys are interested, you can read all about The Feral Cats of Oakton on the Forum (page 2) -- "57 Feral Cats ~ Our Story". I'll have to change my avatar more frequently so they can see more of my beautiful kitties. smile Thanks for sharing about Q and Race and their interest in Shy Guy. smile Susan

Thanks for the info, Layla. I think most of us will settle for the one-flip and we won't be trying to find the misslanny! We worked too hard to find whatever we did. I'm impressed that you could find both! smile

Hellooo every1 imm bakkk!!!! srry havent been on in awile been reely buzysad

Well, Norm, we just took a break today. It'll be your turn to help me next! What was your last move?

Welcome to stacyreinert, and leawom. Flip over 126 is better than misslanny 128 for today's game.

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Any estimate as to when the scoring/ranking will be operational? I miss it. ...

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